Performing Live - Best Way?
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    Default Performing Live - Best Way?

    I produce very seriously with a friend of mine. He makes all of the melodies, wobbles, and basslines, while I do all the drum patterns on maschine. Then, we both record our final combined product into ableton. What would be the most effective way for us to perform live? We are not interested in the Mixer CDJ setup, because it leaves very little room for creativity. I have maschine, and he has an APC. Producing serious dubstep / trance. Any suggestions? Wan't to be able to add effects, and variations. Thanks!!

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    Ableton. Run Machine as a VST and set it in a track he can control in on the APC. It should be that simple...
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    Ableton should do everything. APC 40 + Ableton is a really powerfull combination for live performance. Ableton + Maschine + APC + Bunch of VST and prepared set/scene... damn I don't see what missing...I could be wrong...
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