Hey everyone,

Just downloaded TSP2.

My buddy is dropping me off my supply for my macbook shortly and I am waiting to start playing with it.

Heres my situation:

I only got 2 channels to mixer thru.

I want to send deck A with C and deck B with D in to the mixer until I save up enough money to get a 4 channel mixer (probably a nox 606 when they come out).

On the s4, how do you turn the channel volume up on the sample decks?

Do the Eq section of deck C turn into knobs that control deck volume or do they still control the EQ as if it was just a normal deck.

I was thinking that the filter on each sample deck would take care of removing the parts of each sample removing the necessity of EQ control on the sample decks.

I have 2 midi fighters, and X1 and a novation sl25 old school to work with.

I didnt really come across any mappings that looked like they would flow with me so I am just trying to get an idea of what I need to program.

If need be, I could figure out something for the Eq but I was hoping that a volume control and filter control for each 1/4 of sample deck would be enough to blend them into the 2 decks running.

I'm about to open it up now, so any input would be awesome!

I'd like to think this is specfic enough and my research was sufficient not to get one of them hammers smashed on my melon.

Lets wait and see