I was first using my maschine to controll the sample decks in traktor pro with midi, i was wondering if it was possible to be able to play my samples in loops directly from maschine? Each bank can hold 64 samples, there are 8 banks, so thats over 500 loops i can save directly onto maschine without haveing to scoll through my sample decks, is it possible for maschine to be syncing the loops inside maschine and then sync to traktor, i am not asking on a how to sync to traktor its been covered, I was just wondering if my maschine can sync the loops inside 8 of the groups and set it to a master tempo

also in traktor i can move my loops to sample decks, how can i make it so when i move it to a sample deck i can save the loop on my computer to use with maschine? Could i just record each loop seperately using the loop recorder?