1.6 version Map issue
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    Default 1.6 version Map issue

    Hey guys, everything on Eans new map seems to be working great for me except the On/Off button for FXPRM 4 which appears to be assigned to the headphone cue button. I've remapped the headphone cue buttons to the deck size command and tried in vain to map corrected the FXPRM4 button. I suspect it might be to do with a modifier required depending on which FX slow is selected but i'm not 100% on this? Maybe someone can help?

    TSP with VCI100 1.2 firmware.

    -Psycatron "Location Unknown Ep" out now on Beatport

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    Hey Psycatron,

    There is a problem with the 1.2 firmware where this button sends out multiple messages

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    Thanks I guess I should have read the mailout properly before I loaded up the tsi. Think a 1.3 upgrade is due
    -Psycatron "Location Unknown Ep" out now on Beatport

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