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    I have a novation nocturn and an MPD32 controlling live, on my laptop,

    It works fine

    I recently started using live on my PC and have tried using the same two controllers, Live detects both, but only allows the nocturn to be mapped to controls.

    It says that my the "Usb audio device 2" (the mpd32) is already in use, please wait until it is free" or something to that effect. So annoying! Any clues? Could it be something to do with the auto map software?



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    Did you try restarting your computer?

    I've had this problem before, I think because something messed up on start-up of the program (in my case, Traktor 3.3) when detecting the MIDI devices. I had to restart to resolve it.

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    Cheers for the reply, I did restart, didn't work, but I found out using midi-ox that it was auto map blocking it, had to mess around with some of the settings to resolve it.

    Thanks for the reply,

    I solved it! Case Closed lol.



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