Splatter & Tiari
Mango EP

The fifth release of Frucht Label hits stores with another international collaboration.
Tiari from Detroit, USA (Multivitamins / Machine Box / Der Hut) mixes dark flavors
with the co-founder of the Frucht Label from Germany: Splatter (Der Hut / Genesa /
. The Original Mix of Splatter & Tiari - 'Whispering' is a dark
theatrical track with a rhythm that will keep dance floors bouncing into early mornings
across timelines everywhere. Also on this release is a special alternative edit filled
with a disarray of deep slamming madness. An excellent follow up that we just had
to release on the same EP.

Dubit (Monocline / Eminor), Mike Wall (Dilek / Sleaze) and Lineas De Nazca
(Numbolic / Eintakt)
yield pounding and massive Remixes making for a solid release
to add to anyones repertoire or library.

Out Now on Beatport!