How many tracks do you have in your live collection?
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    Default How many tracks do you have in your live collection?

    Jut wondering how many tracks you lot have in your 'live' collections and how they are split?

    I have about 100 tracks stored into one of the playlist tabs in Traktor (above the browser) as my live tracks. I play in different places and can get away with using mostly a similar set with a few newly discovered tunes thrown into the mix. I swap things in and out often but try to keep it at about 100, with about 50-60 of them being staples/classics that I know work. I mix electro/house and cross-genre stuff (like throw in a bit of cheese, pop, older tunes, remixes etc) and it tends to be at about 128bpm. I make sure that I have about 3-5 tracks from each key (using camelot's 24 key method from 1A to 12B). Each track within each key has a slightly different 'feel' and I used the 5 star rating system within Traktor for intensity, from 1-5. This is so whatever key I'm in, I can change feel/direction of the mix.

    Does this seem like a sensible approach so I don;t overburden myself with endless choice of tracks etc? Just wondering what other people's live crate setups are (rather than general crate setups, including the recent-ish thread about hifi, general and live collection, which has been mentioned lots!).

    For mods, I know there posts about track maintenance and organisation etc, but I'm talking more specifically about people's live collection here, which I couldn't find anything about! (before I get flamed!)
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    I import my music folders on start up so everything in iTunes is in Traktor. As far as playing goes I organize playlists before a show much like I would organize records before a show. Sometimes there's as few as 20 and as much as around 100 or so for that specific show.
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    I often have mines set out into warm, mid, main. I normally have 30 warm, 20 mid and 20 main just as a selection and often 5 - 10 bangers, that's about 70 tracks and i will always have that in my collection.

    As time goes on i will relegate main tracks to mid then warm then out of the list unless they do work really really well then they can go from warm to main again!

    I use this for underground (tech-house/house/pro/electro) and commercial (top40/semi underground stuff)

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