ramdom ly got asked to dj at a bar. cause my bro was bragging
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    Default ramdom ly got asked to dj at a bar. cause my bro was bragging

    i feel sorry for the bloke i kicked off the decks. i mean he was tryinnn, my bro wgo we were celebratibg his 21st bragged, i got up druk as shit, dude was talkiin trash bout controllerism. I WENT AND WOOPED HIS ASS IN A VS SET WHILE DRUNK. Spun some Dubstep, HHC and house. Showed his trashtalkin up. No body disses a controllerist

    /end of drunk rant.
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    confession time: I clicked on this thread only because my dirty mind made a connection between "6 analogues and 14 digitals" and "2 girls 1 cup".
    Setup: VAI-40, Nanokey2, APC20, Ableton, (Shit ton of VST), TP2, DN SC2000, LPD8 (RIP) MF3D (with custom Mapping FX for ableton for Turnado and Artillary2 (ill release it when its been perfected.) PM me if interested in the mapping or helping me with it.

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    Cool story, Bro.

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    Cool story, Bro.

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