Fidelizer - software to improve system performance
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    Default Fidelizer - software to improve system performance

    Hey I jus came across this

    ...It has 3 system optimization levels to change the system performance level according to usage of music workstation. For instance, if you’re working on some music post-production project, before launching your favorite workstation, you can switch system performance to Audiophile mode to get maximum benefit out of system resources. Likewise, Professional and Extremist modes can be used to get moderate (above average) and ultimate system performance respectively...
    Did anybody know about this?
    Is it safe/useful?

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    This looks to be pretty much what I've been looking for. It's optimizations are not permanent. Your computer returns to it's previous state after a reboot. I downloaded it last night and ran it, but didn't test with my controller/soundcard hooked up. I just wish it would turn off my virus protection too. I guess I could run this with a batch file and really get down to bare bones on my OS. I like the fact I can regain all my pretty bells and whistles functionality after rebooting.

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