Mapping Traktor to iPad with OSC
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    Default Mapping Traktor to iPad with OSC

    I now know why there is a cottage industry of Traktor Maps for Sale and 3rd party Sites like this one to attend to NI's Arrogance. I'm no slouch, It's a breeze for me to map Serato & Modul8 to iPad using TouchOsc
    I have several questions regarding Mapping Traktor Using-Apple MBP, Touch Osc, Osculator, PD & iPad.
    1 Where do I obtain a blank .tsi file, create one or modify the ones in I guess the settings folder.
    2. How useful is the ironically named Set-Up Wizard? What choice do i select therein terms of controller
    3 Am I going to use Import or Add- in the Controller Manager?
    4.The Ports Info-how do I set that up for Osculator?
    Sorry for the many questions, i was hoping to add Traktor to my arsenal with Serato but as of now Traktor is a complex mess of non DJ diversions.
    Help if you can. Thank you much.
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    Welcome aboard

    1 A blank tsi will be created when you add the controller
    2 Useless in this instance, it's for setting up your audio and controllers that NI have mapped for you already.
    3 Import if you have a tsi already, add new if you don't
    4 Ports need to match your connection to the iPad, see your network midi settings if using wireless.

    You don't need PD or OSCulator anymore now TouchOSC supports CoreMidi, you can add the midi control messages to the template using the TouchOSC editor now.
    Create a template with midi messages for each control using the editor or open a template and sync it with the iPad.
    Establish a connection using network midi.
    Open Traktor, use the wizard to setup the audio or do that manually.
    Open the preferences and scroll down to the controller manager.
    Add a new controller, or choose import from the dropdown if you have a .tsi you want to use with or modify for the template, set the ports as per the connection you established earlier.
    Add a line to the mapping for each function you want to it to control by clicking the add in > choose a function > click learn > use the button/knob/fader on the iPad , the box next to the learn button should update with the midi data from the iPad at this point > choose the control type etc for how you want Traktor to behave when the message is received. If you're editing a mapping to suit your needs you can click the learn button for each line in the mapping and use the button/knob/fader in the same way. Outputs work in a similar way except you can't use the learn function, you choose the midi CC info from a dropdown.

    It's slow and laborious but not that hard to create a mapping.
    There's a couple of mapping tutorials on the main DJTT site that you might find useful, especially when it comes to mapping modifiers and macros (shift buttons and multiple commands to a single input). I usually have the midi command finders on Rainer's Traktor Bible site ( and in the back of the Traktor manuals open while I'm mapping for quick reference.
    If you run into problems and can't map a specific function, some1 here should be able to point you in the right direction.

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    Thank you for your instructions Hippie, will get busy later today-will update you.

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    This point it is very helpful! Thanks!!!

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