Biggest crowd i had a chance to play for. - vid inside
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    Default Biggest crowd i had a chance to play for. - vid inside

    footage was taken by a cellphone, so excuse quality of sound and video.

    so basically this is legalization festival and march throughout the city of Prague (like 4 20 thing in US). I heard from the news, that this crowd was over 5.000 ppl, it may not look like it, but trust me the crowd spreaded as far as you could see... although only first couple of hundreds could have heard our sound (promoter couldn't afford more vans with soundsystems this year)...

    DJ (me) is not on the footage, cuz the van was very crowded with Mcs photographers, back up dj and shit, i barely could fit my equipment in (vci, A8, VAIO)
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    wow that place looks crowded

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    Looks fun!!

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