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    Can anyone give their thoughts?

    I am picking one up in a couple of days, thought this would complement Traktor 3.2 with a VCI 100. I am using a mac with M-Audio BX5a's.

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    Assuming you mean the NI Audio Kontrol 1
    i'm getting one next week if you can wait but i've heard plenty of good things about it.
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    Thanks Wuz, yeah it's the NI Kontrol 1, I'm going on Sat for mine as it's tthe only bloody one in the city!
    Bloody Auckland....

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    It seems that the amount of threads on the AK1, is exploading these days. Therefore I would suggest you do a forum search on the matter.

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    I use the NI Kontrol 1. I couldnt figure out how to get the software to work right inorder to program the buttons and knob on top. but the overall setup has worked perfectly for me. I'm running it into a separate behringer mixer and then into my m-audio BX8a's and a pair of Bose speakers for my home set up. Ive used it at a couple gigs and it works great with them too. Only issue is that sometimes it sounds crackly when you start using it and havent in a while, but simple unplugging and plugging it back in fixes it every time.

    Overall, im satisfied.

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