Any Omnicontrol users out there who're stuck on TP1?
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    Default Any Omnicontrol users out there who're stuck on TP1?

    I've been developing my omnicontrols mapping for a while now to fit my needs, and while it still has a couple of kinks to work out, and it's limited as far as functionality goes (there's only so many knobs and buttons lol), I feel i've made a pretty solid mapping. If anybody would be interested after I fix up a couple of more things on it, I'd be happy to put it out there for you guys, probably with a tutorial that explains it's features. Toys include:

    - Shift key toggles for 4 deck functionality and different control modes.
    - Full Eqs, faders, pitch, etc, etc
    - Performance mode with super knobs, pre-mapped beatslicing, and 3 cue cue point juggling.
    - Individual FX controls, basic looping and loop extending controls. (still figuring out a way to throw in loop-in re-location)
    - Separate key and pitch control for you do it yourselfers
    - NO SYNC BUTTON...also for the do-it-yourselfers.

    But yeah, there's some troubleshooting to do, and the 4 deck functionality is problematic because you don't exactly have separate faders and knobs for decks C and D, but for a starting piece of equipment like this, it's not too bad for basic looping and dropping. The problem is because I'm too broke for TP2, this is still set on TP1, so if anybody else on the forums is still stuck in the midi-stone age with me, i'd be happy to show you how to build the wheel. </badmetaphor>

    EDIT: In my tired/in class stupor, i neglected to notice this is general discussions, not the mappings board. Sorry mods, not thinking. Want me to just repost, or wait for move?
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