Slightly oversized flight case for my DDM4000
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    Default Slightly oversized flight case for my DDM4000

    Just wondering if any DJTT alumni could point me towards a flight case for my DDM4000. It'll probably fit the same cases as the Pio 800s etc but:

    I'd like to fit my audio10 dj soundcard in there too, to save hassle connecting loads and loads of wires in situ (I play some gigs where I take a mixer). I'd also be able to hoof the lot on top of my desk at home.

    To complicate things, the audio10 has phonos plugged in back and phonos and MIDI in front.

    Bonus marks for letting me stick a powerstrip in there too. And a god-like genius award for ones that'll let me run my multicore cables through little holes or doors also.

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    there's a site that lets you put all the dimensions in for a custom case and then they make it for ya. cant remember the site though
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