Simple USB soundcard for recording
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    Default Simple USB soundcard for recording


    I just bought a new 13.3-inch macbook pro, which doesn't have a dedicated analog input anymore.

    As far as i understand, the "combined" in/out means i can not record my mixes from an external mixer.

    If this is the case, I would need a USB sound card to record my DVS mixes.

    Can any of you recommend something? I would need the sound card to have a 3.5 mm or RCA inputs and be relatively cheap. I mostly record podcast or mixes for the web.

    Thank you a lot!

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    but the audio 2 does only have 4 output channels and no inputs jester?
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    I dont think you can have two soundcards in at the same time, you say youve just bought a new laptop? howabout running from one of the outs in the mixer to your old laptop and using something like audacity to record it ?
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    Assuming you want to record within your DVS software, You can have multiple soundcard, you need to build an aggregate for Mac, or an ASIO4ALL patch for Windows.

    If you're using a third party software, then yes no aggregate is needed.

    If you need it cheap, then go for the Behringer one (UCA202 or UCA222). I have a pair of those, and to my big surprise they're not that bad. Not as good as any NI one, but damn... what do you expect from a 40$ soundcard?!?
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    The socket can be adjusted from being an output to being an input in the System Preferences pane. Say you're playing from Traktor into a hardware mixer, which you then in turn want to record from, the same audio interface that Traktor is using would need to have free inputs to be routed in Traktor to record from Traktor. However, using another program (on the same Mac), such as Audacity, you can record using the built in interface after adjusting the mentioned setting.

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