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    Default Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus

    I was very fortunate to be given a 900 from the kind people at pioneer, and I have to say it's an amazing mixer!

    The biggest plus point is that it's Traktor certified, so I can now just plug my USB lead from my Mbp into the 900 and that's it! No more messing around with soundcards or cables or unplugging stuff.
    It really couldn't be any easier!

    I can see now why this mixer is becoming the industry standard just like the 800 was.

    I just thought people on here might benefit from this mixer because I see a lot of people who get freaked out and stressed at the hassle of plugging & unplugging loads of cables when they set up in the booth.

    Also, it's ALL midi programmable so I'm going to make good use of that too!

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    Im seriously considering selling all of my current gear (except the X1) and buying 2 CDJ 900's and the DJM 900.

    No more fuss/external souncards etc. Just plug and play.

    Bloody expensice setup though, and id be lucky if selling my Audio 10, CD decks and DDM4000 would even finance 1 CDJ 900.:eek:
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    i would deffinatly take the leap, it all depends on how easy you want your setup to be, personally i got sick of all the plugging and unplugging/ annoying the previous dj etc etc stuff. This way is just such a breeze.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 00DJC View Post
    ... Audio 10, and DDM4000...
    Shoot me a PM when those go on the market

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    The mixer looks great. I can't say I've used a pio mixer, but from what I've read the eq's aren't the greatest. Also for 2 grand that thing better be able to do back flips and give me a BJ simultaneously.
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    Kinda sounds like a big hiss then boom boom wacka wacka boom

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    The Nexus is more directed at clubs where it is supposed to installed and used and abused for years. That explains the hefty price tag which = good build quality.
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