Traktor setup problem with Hercules RMX
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    Default Traktor setup problem with Hercules RMX

    Hey guys =)

    sorry to bother you ! but I just got back into mixing music and a good friend had still a Hercules RMX controller laying around.
    So I still have traktor 2 pro and would like to use the controller.
    But here is the problem, no matter what .tsi I try there are always super weird stuff happening for example :
    1. Bass control on deck B controls both on deck A and B
    2. The fader for deck B controls also the High control on deck A

    There are always double mappings going on. pretty annoying. Even the case with the official map from hercules.

    I don't know if I am doing some wrong. When I load the .tsi file I go to prefrences - controller - Add - Import TSI.

    Am I missing something?

    The latest driver is installed and on other dj softwares the controller works like a charm. But I really would like to go back to traktor because I own it

    Anybody any ideas what is going on?

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    I doubt it will make you feel better, but the Hercules RMX is kind of a shoddy controller, bud.

    [insert rant about my Hercules RMX that I cut out because it was not relevant]

    As for mapping it with Traktor, I have not ever gotten that to work, either. The crossfader is floppy and whimpy, it's okay if you literally want to FLICK it across with one finger and minimal effort... only to have it bounce back to the side you flicked it from. It was a wonder to learn on, I won't lie, but I have never gotten it to work with Traktor in my whole life. Honestly, I'm right about to scrap it for parts, (I do DIY stuff, also) and buy a dedicated Traktor controller.

    I'm really sorry that I couldn't help you. There is supposed to be a way to manually do all of these mappings across the various controls, so you should just be able to take, for example, the bass control that is doing both deck A & B (I remember using this one, actually haha!) and MIDI learn the control for the right one to just move the right one and vice versa; it should overwrite the existing double mapping. I'm not a Traktor mapping genius, but yeah. You should be able to look up a tutorial for something like that on YouTube. I never got it to work but to be honest I'm almost sure my unit is faulty after all these years.

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