Using the S4 souncard to record into maschine
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    Default Using the S4 souncard to record into maschine

    I have a question. For the life of me I can't figure out how to use the souncard in the Kontrol S4 as a the audio device I would like to record from into the maschine software. I don't want to buy another audio interface if I can just use the one I already have. if I plug in my s4 into my mac the mac automatically use it as my overall sound device for the audio being played in my mac. This takes place with out traktor. IF it does this would it make sense that you could record the sound coming thorough or into the S4? Has anyone tried this and succeeded?


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    Sure it's possible, I believe the Maschone manual has one or two things to say on sampling, including how to set up your soundcard and how to sample.

    If you can't be any more specific with your problem then I'd refer you to that.
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