Gig tonight, need help with apc leds
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    Default Gig tonight, need help with apc leds

    (if my video wasn't clear for you)
    I'm trying to configure my APC40 so that the when the track is not playing the LED stays green and when playing turns red. I get the response I want when I click play in traktor but when I use the actual button the LEDs just turn off. I'm trying to figure a way so that I can press the buttons and the LED colors will stay on regardless of me pressing the button.
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    Padi we need you now!!!
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    I don't know the answer but if you figure this out please let me know as it would be very handy to use. I'll try to give it a go in a few days when I actually have some time to get some mapping done.
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    try this:

    IN -> GLOBAL -> SEND MONITOR STATE, set the note to the corresponding button and press invert.

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