SHAMWOW Electro Track made by MEEEEE!!! woohoo!!
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    Default SHAMWOW Electro Track made by MEEEEE!!! woohoo!!

    On youtube

    and My Myspace Page

    It is both hilarious and awesome the whole way through.

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    Alot more new tracks!! Check my Myspace channel, 2 new progressive tracks..

    'Get me There' & 'Bottles Chinese Restaurant'

    Thaaaaaank you!!!

    I don't think I put Get me There on my youtube page, but I love that track. I love all of them actually!!

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    Nice track, but I hate the Shamwow guy & his wireless mic
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    LOL, nuff said.
    SyblingQ - Electro House for dark alleys.

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    I KNOW!!! I have to do another one with his Slap Chop. "You're gonna love my nuts" aaaaaah I hate him!! Check out my other tracks tho, they are well good. =D

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