Problem with Traktor 2 and Denon Sc2000. Help please...
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    Default Problem with Traktor 2 and Denon Sc2000. Help please...

    Good morning.
    I'll save this post I wrote some time ago, if someone has got to have fix this.
    Perhaps it solutions with a new one. tsi for Traktor 2 or may be a firmware problem. Someone has done some new tsi for Traktor 2?
    Know some of the promised new firmware for the SC2000 Denon?

    "Good morning.
    I have two Denon DN-SC2000. With the Traktor Pro 1 (version 1.2.7), work perfectly, but with the Traktor Pro 2 (2.0.1), the LEDs are blocked after a short time of use. The other functions are working well but the lights are blocked.
    I tried to reinstall Traktor 2 and even reformat the computer, but still the same.
    Someone you feel the same?
    You have any solution for this problem?
    Thanks and sorry for my English.
    My computer is Asus n53sv. Intel core i7, 6gb ram. Windows 7 64bits"

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    One good advice for sale the Denons after 5 month waiting for a new firmware update en or a solution From Denon I for sale My Dn-Sc2000.

    I bay a S4 I'm very happy with that unit.

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    Maybe whatever it does.
    It is a shame that Denon does not do anything about it.

    Nobody knows anything more about this topic?

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    I'll just translate the essential stuff for you: - De DN-SC2000 is niet ondersteund, maar er is een .tsi mapping beschikbaar die met beide Traktor versies werkt. Binnenkort komt er ook een officiŽle Traktor 2 versie.

    The DN-CS2000 is not supported, but there is an .tsi mapping available that works with both versions of Traktor. Soon there will be an official Traktor 2 version.

    I hope this helps!
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    To be honest, I'm not too sure this is a Traktor 2 problem. The original tsi was troublesome under traktor 1.2.x as well, but there are a few custom and modded .tsi filse on the Native Instruments forum that work just fine under 1.2.x and 2.01, at least for me.

    Af far as a firmware update is concerned, I still don't know what it is supposed to fix, except maybe for the pitch fader occasionally jumping between two miniscule MIDI values.

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