Need opinion on this possible DJ technique
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    Default Need opinion on this possible DJ technique

    So, I seem to have a problem getting the hang of controllers.
    I've been using Sony Vegas as a way to do basic crossfades and slicing..
    but I would really like to use controllers at least for effects and playing around.

    Here's what I was thinking of doing..
    Use Sony Vegas to slice my songs and export them as "clips" to use in Ableton.
    Use Ableton to arrange sets and be ready to go live..
    Use the VCI-100 or Oxygen25 to do effects and on-the-fly mixing.

    Would that still be considered DJing, as in.. would club owners hire someone doing this?

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    If it sounds good and works, who cares?

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    Sounds perfectly good to me. Many people who play out with Ableton do exactly what you do, but build their set at the venue. Either way, it's coming more prepared that makes a set better, both mentally and in terms of your set. With your question about Club Owners, I doubt that they would care too much about what software you play out with. As long as you aren't plugging in an iPod on shuffle mode, I see no issue in it.
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    ive encountered club owners and promoters who snub their noses at not using what they consider to be a good setup

    i was turned down once cause i told the guy i used an s4.... so now i just dont mention it untill they ask
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