CDJ 350 - Using them like the 900/2000's
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    Default CDJ 350 - Using them like the 900/2000's

    Stumbled across this PDF from pioneer that takes you step by step through how to use the CDJ350's as a controller and sound card for Traktor pro.

    I thought only the CDJ900's and 2000's had built in soundcards to do this. But it appears the same effect can be achieved with the much cheaper CDJ350.

    I guess this hasnt been marketed by Pioneer since its not officially "Traktor certified". However in the above document they provide links to a full mapping file and drivers for windows (none required for mac).

    Interesting. Id very much like to use a traditional CDJ control service with traktor (which isnt timecode.).

    Does anyone have any experience using the CDJ350's with Traktor? Also, do we know if this works in Traktor Pro 2 as well?
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    I'm been using CDJ 400 as midi controller and sound card with Traktor Pro and Pro 2 and it's working really well. I suppose the 350 will work as good as the 400. It's great to come to a gig just with your laptop and 2 USB cables.


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