Amon Tobin: a Brazilian experimental music producer
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    Default Amon Tobin: a Brazilian experimental music producer

    A coworker and friend of mine sent this article to me and get me really proud of this brazilian producer of experimental music.

    Check it out:

    The Dr. Moreau Of Music
    "From insects to outer space, Amon Tobinís new album "ISAM" is all about the buzz."

    The 39-year-old Brazilian electronic composer began his career in the mid-'90s as a DJ/producer renowned for his drum-n-bass beats and has since evolved into a pioneer in experimental music and become a sought-after sound designer behind two of the gaming world's most cinematic and gritty soundtracks--Splinter Cell and Infamous. His signature style is in his ability to morph sounds, like he did on 2007's Foley Room, extracting samples from field recordings (a roaring motorcycle, an ant eating grass) and break them down by their "spectral components"

    Anyone have more videos of his music to share?

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    Full album with track-by-track commentary from Amon Tobin

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