Midi controller for Backpacking
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    Default Midi controller for Backpacking

    Hi there, my name is David and I'm from Switzerland. At the moment I'm traveling through southamerica. I left my Midi-controller at home because i first thought that I'm just going to spend a few weeks here. As it turns out I'll spend much more time here as i first thought (about a year or so)...
    So now I'm looking to buy a suitable controller that isn't to heavy with Audio interface and not too expensive cause i already have an expensive on back home. It should also not break easily when i travel around with it in my backpack...

    So I was looking a bit and i found a few that looked good

    1. Numark Mixtrack Pro
    2. Reloop Digital Jockey 2 IE
    3. Gemini CTRL-SIX USB DJ Mixer
    4. American Audio VMS2

    I'm going to use them with traktor 2 and play mostly electronic music (Minimal/Progressive/Goa)

    How is the sound quality of the audio interface from those Controllers?
    How much do they weigh? (That's inportant cuase every kilo more in a Backpack can be painful ;-)
    Do you know another Controller that would fit my need at around 300-350?

    Thank you in advance
    Greetings from Venezuela
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    Quote Originally Posted by muffintop View Post
    eww, no

    seriously, if budget permits, go for the vci-100 used with an audio 2. Its built like a tank, so you don't have to worry about it in your backpack.

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    yeah the BCD3000 is to bulky... i just to have one ages ago when it came out.
    Because a friend of a friend is actually flying to Venezuela on Sunday i had to order one that would arrive this week... turns out the only one witch would be delivered for sure is the Numark Mixtrack pro. So I used orderd it so that the friend can bring it in with her on sunday. I guess the Mixtrack isn't bad. I'll need to bee carefull not to break it but at least it's very light which will be good if i'll have to walk for a few kilometers somewhere.
    have you got any experience with the Mixtrack Pro?

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    No lengthy experience with it, I used it at guitar center once and another time at a friend's house, but that's it. It's got the most credibility out of your choices besides the VCI, so you made a good choice.
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