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    Default MacBook choices

    Just wondering if I could get everyone's opinion on this.

    I am concidering buying a MacBook in the future to replace my PC, but I'm not sure what size to get.

    I currently love having my 17" screen, as I can have my two decks + two sample decks all nice and lit up, with pleanty of space for the browser too. Therefore I am inclined to go for the biggest possible screen.

    However I am planning to use the MacBook with a Crane stand, and from what I have seen, there is very little real estate on the tray they give you.

    So, is it possible to use a 17" Mac with the Crane Stand? Or will I have to downgrade to a 15" or even (shudder) a 13"?


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    From what I can make out you can go up to 17"

    So you should be fine.

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    Personally, i think the 17" is not portable anymore, the 15" hits the spot for me

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    I currently use the 13" MBP, but in the past I have use a 15" MBP and I still prefer the 13".

    I have a friend who use the 17" MBP and I have screen close on it own due the weight and the angle on how the the laptop is set up. Besides you need way more room than a 13" or a 15".
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