Looking to get a pair of decent turntables. Suggestions?
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    Default Looking to get a pair of decent turntables. Suggestions?

    Hey all

    I just got a great deal on scratch pro and I'm looking to pick up a pair of turntables. I got screwed over on a Technics deal (seller decided not to sell) so I'm just wondering if anybody has some relatively inexpensive options for a beginner. Looking to learn some basic scratching and what not.

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    Vestax pdx 2000 used, first model with a higher platter - cheap and excellent for everything and a beast for scratching!

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    If you're learning to scratch, get a decent pair of tables.

    If you're learning to beatmatch, get a crappy pair of direct drives. You'll pick it up much more quickly if the tables drift more... then get your Tech12s in a year or so.
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    Default Numarks

    People complain about numarks but i believe they are great. Even gizmo scratchworx main man loves em. you could pick up a pair of tt-200's for under $250 on CL or ebay and they have more torque then techs and the build quality isnt too shabby. or you could go a step up and for around $400 you could get a pair of ttx's which have almost 3 times the amount of torque then techs, theyre built a little better and have digital display. Check em out just my words of wisdom, i own a pair of tt-200 and they were really the table that turned me on to turntablism and scratching even more so then playing with my friends technics or stantons. i have since switched to cdx's the cdj version but i recommend on a budget to go with tt-200s or even better the ttx's you wont be disappointed.

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    Stanton STR8-150s are awesome, if you see a bargain on those, snap them up - heavier and more powerful motors than even Technics.
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    I finally, after years of saving and setbacks, got my Technics 1210s today, and picked up how to beatmatch within about an hour. I've been using traktor for 2 years and have previously used CDJs, but having had a good 4 hour play on my mates numarks and coming away from it being a bit like WTF why wouldnt those beats stay in time, then spening less than an hour today, i would definately say save for the technics, worth every penny and you'll never have to upgrade!

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    Anything from ion

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    you'll get better tales for less if you don't have to have what everybody else has. The TTX's, Str8-150, and the PDX2000 are all better than Tech's imo. i just got a smoking deal on a pair of new Stanton T92's for $400, but all I do is play music so I'm not real concerned with all the bells and whistles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by photojojo View Post
    i just got a smoking deal on a pair of new Stanton T92's for $400
    let me know what they are like... i wouldn't mind picking one up one day just as a listening/archival unit.

    they retail for about $450 here so a pair for 400 is a steal!

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