what to copy over when upgrading to 2.0.2
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    Default what to copy over when upgrading to 2.0.2


    I just downloaded the 2.0.2 update for TSP2. I just want to check i'm doing the right thing -

    When i installed it and opened traktor, my Traktor was basically reset to the factory standard - no collection etc.....and i had to go through the setup wizard again.

    So i had to copy my collection.nml, traktor settings.tsi, coverart folder, stripes folder, settings folder and transients folder from 2.0.1 into my 2.0.2 folder.

    Is this the correct way or am i doing something wrong here?

    It seems a bit crazy that when you upgrade to a new version you have to copy over all your folders like i did above.

    Thanks for any help and advice,


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    It should have asked to copy 2.0.1 folder on first boot. Anyways, just copy or point traktor to the old folder.

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