Traktor Kontrol X1 Problems
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    Ever since i upgraded to traktor scratch pro 2.0.2 i have had major problems with the x1's.

    the 1st problem is that in the traktor window on screen, there is an orange light for the midi symbol, not blue, indicating that not all devices are connected properly.
    However both X1's ARE connected properly.

    Also, the second X1 does not control the sample decks C & D. I downloaded the X1 addon mapping from NI, it worked on 2.0.1 but now it doesn't work.

    Also, sometimes my first X1 controls both decks at once - e.g A & C or B & D - e.g if i press FX1 on it puts fx1 on for both decks at the same time?!?!?!?

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to fix this?



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    Have you tried deleting your mappings and reloading the default ones?
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    Tom I had the about the same issues, plus my led feedbck doesn't seem to work properly. Rebooting after upgrading helped me for quite a bit, except the led issue. Really nice update my ass.
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    Thanks peeps, Ye i tried deleting the x1 mappings and reloading the default ones. Unfortunatly it didn't work. In the end i had to delete Traktor from my mbp completely, reinstall it - but not install the X1 drivers during the install. Then once i had traktor back on, i downloaded the latest X1 driver (2.4.21) and installed them.

    They work fine now - BUT i haven't put the N.I 'Addon X1 mapping' in yet for decks C & D because i can't find the download for it!

    Good thing is i'm not getting the orange midi light in traktor now, both X1's work fine, just need that addon mapping so i can control decks C & D as sample decks with my second X1.

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    If it's the mapping I'm thinking of it should have installed with Traktor.
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    Ah yes, i see it now, my mistake, what's the correct way of installing/importing it into Traktor?
    I know its a rediculiusly noob question but i really want to make sure i do everything right this time, incase it screw up again lol!

    Edit - I just went to preferences - Import (at the bottom) - chose '_02-controller - Native instruments - X1 Addon Mapping.Tsi' - when i imported it it took out my 2 X1's in the controller manager - they just straight dissapeared?!?!?! I couldn't control anything!!

    Just tried going to prefs/Controller Manager - Add... - Import - and imported the addon mapping.tsi file that way and i got the 'orange midi light in traktor, and surprise surprise - i couldn't control the sample decks still.

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