Djm 800, possible to have loop recorder with this?
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    Default Djm 800, possible to have loop recorder with this?

    Hey guys im looking at a djm 800 and wondering how I'd run the loop recorder with it?

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    That's easy, with the record-out (RCA's) that's placed above the Master Out. It sends out line level signal which is healthy and good for your Audio 6/10
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    Korg Kaoss ? maybe?
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    Assuming this will all be external mixing, you could use the send/return connections and switch the effect to "snd/rtn". Select the channel to send (or the master) with the usual knob on the DJM.
    I've seen it setup like this lots of times in clubs with a soundbite pro/xl looper. Some like to return to the return channel on the DJM, others return to one of the main channels they aren't using so they can use gain/EQ/colour fx on the processed output.

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