Help me use Traktor Fx to make my own breakdowns
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    Default Help me use Traktor Fx to make my own breakdowns

    Hey everyone, I just came back from vancouver where I went to see Sammy Bananas play at fortune soundclub on the funktion 1 (Good things come in threes) The sound from that system blew me away, the clarity without sacrificing the thumping bass, it was unreal. Naturally I came back inspired because of the way he created his own build ups and breakdowns with the fx (i'm assuming he was on a djm 800 or 900) I've always tried to have the same effect with Traktor but I can never seem to capture that epic energy when the DJ finally lets it drop. Maybe its cause I don't have a funktion one in my bedroom that blasts me away when the song drops or maybe i'm just not doing it right. I'm trying to recreate that feeling where you can't quite tell what the song is yet but once it gets real close to the end of the build up or break down it hits you like a ton of bricks. Can anyone offer me some advice.

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    practise.... experiment.... practise.... experiment.... and more of each erm try messing with the iceverb and maybe a filter lfo to do a build up
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