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    Default UC-33 + Midi Pipe + Traktor 3.3 -> Midi Pipe Performance

    Hey everyone,
    I've been messing around with macros and smartknobs recently on my Macbook with Traktor 3.3 and Midi Pipe.

    I have to use Midi Pipe because Traktor doesn't recognize my UC-33 so i have to route the midi signal through midi pipe.

    I have tried to assign effects that i use frequently like filters to one single knob by using the control split in midi pipe to dublicate the signal and limit it so as soon as i turn the knob in traktor it directly switches to the right effect and turns it on.

    At the moment i have 6 Control Splits in Midi Pipe and it starts to crash after a short period of time. Does anyone else have performance issues with Midi Pipe ?

    Is it possible to do something simmilar in Traktor 3? Or is that something new to Traktor Pro like described in the new Article on the frontpage?
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