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    YES, awesome thread! SOme sweet tunes up there. I'm going to add:

    Show Me In The Deep (DJs From Mars Classic Club Bootleg)
    We Are Your Friends (INDIEKID Remix)
    Pictures (Tonight Only Remix)
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    Quote Originally Posted by elio_xh View Post
    You played Ramnstein at a gig? Mad props to you man! I've only played Ich Will with my friends, but that's because I know they all like it.
    yeah was a houseparty with a load of dubstep fans, but i hate dubstep so i was playing really filthy electro all night, but i decided to move into jump-up high energy house and tried that rammstein remix and they all went fucking nuts. they all knew the words as well, surprisingly!

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    Where would all you guys find these top 40 remixes to D/L?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Abyrne7 View Post
    Where would all you guys find these top 40 remixes to D/L? has a bunch - and they are almost always 320 kbps, but technically you have to own the orig. tracks to be able to play the remixes. Dunno where you are playing at but if it's anywhere more than a local house party it is best to abide by this rule.

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