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    Whats going on guys. I got a question and hopefully you can help me. Some of my midi mapping got fucked up and now my jog wheels don't control the track or scratch. So I tried to map it back to what it was but i cannot find the label it is under. I go to midi mapping and try to add a function right. but what is it under? transport -- scratch? help me out. and ask more questions.

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    You seem to have not much clue about midi mappings (no offense). Why don't you reload the .tsi file you are using?
    If you are using a complex tsi like ean's chances are you gonna screw up even more if you try to fix it.

    If you want to mess around nonetheless, here's some instructions:
    • Find out if you deleted the scratch function or just mapped it incorrectly. Sort your midi mapping dialog by midi function and find out.
    • If you don't find the Scratch / Scratch On Midi Functions add them (you already figured that out).
    • Set the Assignment on both functions to Deck A.
    • Select the "Scratch On" function, be sure your VCI's Scratch button lights up (turn it on if it doesn't), hit Learn and TOUCH (not spin) your jogwheel. A note value appears in the list.
    • Leave the other options untouched.
    • Now select the Scratch function,
    • get the Assignment right, hit learn, SPIN the wheel, don't stop spinning - deactivate learn. You should now see a CC # value in the list.
    • Set the control type to Jog (I think 3fh), adjust sensitivity.
    • Duplicate the functions, repeat instructions, learn using the other wheel.
    • Done.

    Now read the traktor manual and even more important - check out

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