So I am making a tsi for use with the VCI100SE and X1. Basically, it's going to be the standard mapping, but using the FX section of the VCI (now redundant because of the X1) to either control:

1) when CONTROL FX 1 is selected
Four preconfigured groups of effects (e.g. ArmyofMe4340's rather lovely Iceverb build up
) with the knobs and four other button effects (maybe Beatmashes or something etc.) with buttons.

2) when CONTROL FX 2 is selected
To control Deck D as a sample deck with the four buttons firing off samples and the knobs for filtering each sample.

However, one thing I currently can't figure is setting the knobs in FX2 mode as filters for the sample deck, with the null value starting in the middle of the knob parameter (i.e. 50%). I can get them working but only starting from 0% and thus they can't filter out the trebles.

Also I can only figure out how to store samples on the fly from one specific deck (in this a prechosen Deck B). Is there a way of making it possible to select from A or B?

Could someone please give a noob a bit of help?

Also, I don't really ever use the bottom pad of the X1, so I've got 16 buttons and 2 knobs to play with (baboom chish). Anyone got any recommendations for stuff to go here? I mainly mix deep house/deep disco...

I'm also deleting Fader FX from my TSI because it always makes my VCI crash. I will of course post the TSI on here once it is up to standard.