I Sold My VCI-100
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    Default I Sold My VCI-100

    I sold my VCI-100 and the rest of my dj equipment (2 - Numark CDX turntables and "Torq" software). I recently purchased a VCI-300 and will never look back. I have to say that Vestax finally got it right with the VCI-300. The 100 was nice and I was able to scratch pretty well on it, eventhough others complained that it can't be done. Folks, it can be done with practice, MUCH PRACTICE, but why? It's just easier with the 300. I have respect for the 100, because it's better than any other midi dj controller out there. It's just not better than the 300 period. The only thing that it doesn't have is controls for effects, but who really needs that? I guess if you play techno/club it's important, but for average dj's playing regular music it's not. The only other midi dj controller that looks like it could be good, probably a close 2nd would be Numark's NS7. I say 2nd, because Numark has great ideas, but somehow produce junk. I had problems with my CDX's, I bought HDX's and took them back (junk). I had the IDJ2 and the scratching ability was terrible, so I took it back. The new NS7 was suppose be out and it was pushed back many times, probably because it is junk too.

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    Were getting a firmware upgrade for the vci-100, it will be interesting to compare the two after the update - really the only thing thats better on the vci-300 at the moment is pitch faders and jogs which is actually not important to alot of people even if they are playing "regular music".

    Also your forgetting about the Stanton SC1 System which is a beast and certainly gives vestax and numark a run for thier money - just a big shame about the price tag on those scs 1 units.

    I certainly wouldnt be running out to exchange my vci-100 for a vci-300 until more is known about whats happening with the firmware update.

    As for the NS7 being junk, i wouldnt be that quick to judge those who have had their hands on it have been pretty impressed but we wont really know until someone has some time to spend with it and get into the nitty gritty.

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