[OT] Bay Area DJTTers WOMP is back..
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    Default [OT] Bay Area DJTTers WOMP is back..

    So basically a weekly event that use to be held at blakes in berkeley is back.
    and I am going to be there reppin controllerists and if anyone is interested in coming let me know Ill see what i can do about a discount. But yeah the event is tomorrow night at 9 pm at Oakland Metro Opera House. And here is a link to the rest of the show lineup.

    Also im gonna drop a remix song titled I am a Controllerist

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    confession time: I clicked on this thread only because my dirty mind made a connection between "6 analogues and 14 digitals" and "2 girls 1 cup".
    Setup: VAI-40, Nanokey2, APC20, Ableton, (Shit ton of VST), TP2, DN SC2000, LPD8 (RIP) MF3D (with custom Mapping FX for ableton for Turnado and Artillary2 (ill release it when its been perfected.) PM me if interested in the mapping or helping me with it.

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    Forgot the link

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