Hey guys, I have been trying to sell my Traktor for a few weeks now, and no body seems to want it. I might consider keeping it, but I need help with a few things that hopefully you guys can help me with. I will be running a sl-1200, a cdj-900, and a cdj-200 with my traktor. I know when the CDj-900 is connected as a MIDI device it works a lot better than if it is used with a Control CD. Is it possible to do it where the Sl-1200 is connected regularly through the Audio 10DJ sound card and then connect the CDJ-900 with MIDI and not through the Audio10dj, and connect the cdj-200 just straight into the mixer? Last time I tried this everything stopped working, so I don't know if it is possible.

If it is possible can you guys please help me set it up, so it is connected like this?

Thank You