Considering getting Twitch
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    Default Considering getting Twitch

    After reading fullenglishpint's review on it (great review!) and watching the video, this is actually starting to sound like a plausible option. I was really focused on getting the S4 but there are a few things that caught my eye about twitch.

    BTW: I'm an absolute beginner just learning about cue points and reviewing gear for my first setup.

    1)Price difference is significant
    2)I know most people here use Traktor but right now I just want to learn to mix sexy music together and get the concepts of DJing down. Itch seems like a pretty legit software.
    3)Twitch is smaller in size
    4)Jogwheels...the more I think about it, the more I start to wonder if they're even necessary.


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    Itch is legit software the only reason why some people might not go for twitch is because the majority of the amazing people on this site run traktor... You can ask almost anythng about it and within mins have it sorted out.

    I think you can use twitch with traktor but not sure how it would intergrate.

    And jog wheels are faily good if you have a use for them be it effects, finding the first beat on a newly bought song which you havent had time to cue point, pitch bending, fast track preview, song select..... Most controllers can do all this with a few shift buttons
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