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    there's a easy explanation why this happens:

    if you enable the master clock (manual mode) then traktor has got a metronome running in its background. you can enable the tick to hear this master metronome through your headphones (even if no track is running). if you then hit play and you hit it not exactly on a tick then it gets synced to the next tick, meaning it will jump either a little bit back or a little bit forth.

    i know that because i used to sync to the master clock (but as the master clock is kinda corrupt in some cases in tpro until 1.1 is out i'm not using it right now).

    if you sync against the master clock keep tick activated and hit play exactly at a tick, then you won't have any problems

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    thanks for that

    i had a feeling that it would be something like that

    honest !!
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