Hi Guys,

I recently purchased a VCI-100 with SE overlay from a bloke here in Australia.
I have the Traktor Pro 2 Software installed in my Mac.

I have been playing around with my set up; the Volume Faders and Cross Fader seem to work OK, aswell as the Gain, Low, High Knobs etc. However, my LED lights seem to flicker everytime I try to select effects filers on my Controlled etc.

Im not sure whether the mappings are right but it seemed to have imported fine. I downloaded mapping through DJTT.com, Mapping is called: VCI-100SE v3.6.4 [FW 1.3] TPro2.tsi

Also, when i hit the [Sync] button on my controller for Deck B, its not syncing the tempo of the song on Deck A, the tempo goes all the way up to like 209bpm of something like this, its frustrating, i have to manually adjust the BPM to match the song.

Can someone assist me with this please any assitance will be great!

Thank you.