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    hey i have a vci 100 arcade and i havent really done any gigs yet (but i maybe be getting one over the summer) cuz im only fourteen and have only been djing seriously for about a year or two can anybody please give me tips for when i do dj a gig cuz people (especially my parents) have been underestimating me on how capable i am of djing a party being only 14. so tipps would be amazing. thanks a lot and also i pretty much have an idea of what im supposed to play, like mostly top 40 and maybe some dance and house a little later in, because there will be kids and adults there

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    look for the thread about a school dance.

    it should be on the first 2 pages.
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    and the big thread right underneath it called FIRST GIG.

    im not gonna link em here. search is your friend.
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