[OT]DJTT; Pick out some new cans for me
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    Default [OT]DJTT; Pick out some new cans for me

    So when I first purchased my S4 a few months ago I got Reloop RHP-10's like an asshole because I wanted some semi-stylish cans and I thought it was cool. If you want a review of them:

    Sound quality: shiite

    Sound Isolation: Non Existent. In the few parties I played I could hear the music AND people talking. Trying to hear the mix was damn near impossible and they were more of a distraction than anything else. It's hard to mix when you can't hear shit and the sound is muddy even when your headphone cue volume is turned to max.

    Build Quality: ?? My fuckin pleather ear-foam pieces are cracked after just a few months, the sound cuts in and out on my S4 because the connection cable sucks. The coiled cord broke within 2 weeks.

    Price: 85 dollars of money that I should have thrown in a black hole.

    Now, don't get me wrong, these were fine for the bedroom where the ambient sound is just the song coming out of my monitors, but for anything more than just 1 other person sitting silently and listening they suck. Don't get them. Ever. I should have known better. I paid up for quality gear and then go with the shit cans because of my silly vanity and attempt at saving a few bucks (or so I thought).

    Anyway -

    I have decided to just buy legitimate headphones that are tried and tested. I have decided between 3 -

    Pioneer HDJ-2000's

    Sennheiser HD-25's

    or AIAIAI TMA-1's

    Any other suggestions welcome. Would like to spend less than the cost of the HDJ-2000's.

    What I am looking for:
    Sound isolation
    Sound quality
    Build quality

    Extra points for:
    Ability to cook my breakfast while auto-syncing and mixing for me. Must also make song choices for me.

    Thank you.

    EDIT: Serious extra points if you can find a pair that kills drunk people when they try to put your cans on their head, come near your equipment with booze, or try and touch your shit. I almost punched my friend on his 21st birthday last night because he damn near broke the needles on my techs.
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    Hdj-2000 a no brainer. Despite al the hype around the tma, they are not even close to the pios. Even the senheiser are better ones over tma. I own the 3.

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    ultrasone dj1 pro

    not in your list but they have been tested and if you don't throw them around your room or into drunken peoples faces and don't want to spend $250 on headphones, get them: http://www.djtechtools.com/2009/12/1...e-uber-review/

    but if you really want to spend the money for the hdj-2000 they are equal to the ultrasone in sound. i second tito, if you want to spend the money they are a no brainer.

    the hd-25 are a classic, sound great and will last a decade, but they are nothing for a guy with glasses, you'll feel like you want to rip them of your head and jump until nothing is left after 30min of use.
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    The answer's in my sig.


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    do they come with a manual?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ando View Post
    ultrasone dj1 pro
    +1, had em for almost 6 months now and loving them. Being my headphones is a high demand job as I use them for on average 4 hours a day... I listen to music a lot lol, these headphones are still holding up really well, they're *almost* physically the same as when I bought em, and the sound quality hasn't deteriorated at all.
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    I have a Sennheiser HD-25 and I'm very happy with it

    Did you checked the scratchworx mega review of headphones?
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    check out the xone xd-53 maybe? heard good things about em and they're cheaper than the pio's...

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