Hey guys
First of all I'm very glad I've found this blog/forum. I started Djing about a year ago and already played one gig at a club last fall

Yesterday I finally got a solution for a problem concerning id3 tags. My problem was, that I was not able to change Tags and Coverart for certain mp3s in iTunes. Well I could change them but the next time I played them all changes were gone. Another bug concerned Artwork. Somehow certain Artwork that showed up in iTunes didn't show up in Traktor Pro.
So after hours of figuring out the problem, I got the solution: it was because these mp3s had id3v2.4 tags and the new version has some serious bugs in it. The best solution is to get media rage
it's a powerful tool to manipulate tags in mediafiles. There is a way to scan your whole music library to write the id3v2.4 back to id3v2.3. After I've done that to my whole music library (about 8k songs) everything is working perfectly!
Another problem with artwork is the following: when you configure iTunes to get the artwork automatically it doesn't write the artwork in the tag, so it will not be displayed in Traktor Pro. Fortunately there is a neat little apple script (only for mac users) which scans your iTunes library and writes all the Artwork received directly over iTunes into the mp3tag, so it will be displayed in Traktor.
The script can be found here:
If anyone needs a step by step instruction how to set up media rage to automatically change the tags back to the older version for multiple files just let me know.
I hope this is helpful to some of you.