problem with mac book pro 13
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    Default problem with mac book pro 13


    I am having a problem with my Mac Book Pro 13" (Mac OS X 10.6.5) details:
    I turned it on and I just get the spinning wheel. It keeps spinning and never loads to the login window.

    The last thing I did was that I had a gig and at this night I installed a USB drive for an internet because my customer asked me to play something off the internet. The next day, a few hours before another gig, I turned on the Mac with no luck. I did a RAM reset, hardware test, disk repair from the disk but didnot seem to succeed...

    Any suggestions why? And what do you guys do if something like this happends to you before your gig?


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    Did you back up? just do a time machine.

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    I had this once on my G5 and a PRAM reset did it. Another time it happened and it was a failed system drive, which was a royal pain in the privates.

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    yeah i did back up... but not thru time machine... so i have to reinstall all apps...

    but what do u do when something like this happens anyways? while suddenly on stage or 2 hours before?

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