I do need some help for mapping
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    Default I do need some help for mapping

    I'm going to buy a MBP soon and i have a pair of CDJ 350. I planned to use them as midi controllers for traktor pro, so i need a .tsi file for the 350's mapping.
    I know Pioneer are giving one on their website, but it's not working correctly. I tried to edit and assign correctly the buttons to the functions, but I can't fix it.

    So here's my question, can anyone provide me a fully working .tsi file for Pioneer's CDJ 350 on Traktor Pro ? Thanks

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    Search TraktorBible.com they have a bunch of .TSI files. I'm not sure if they have one for the 350's or not. If you can't find one I'd suggest ordering the Traktor Bible and learning how to do the mapping yourself. Between the Bible and the resources here there's really nothing you can't figure out. Hope this helps at all.
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    +1 on the mapping yourself... its the only true way to get to know what everything does and you can have it setup in a way that no one else has and what suits your playing better plus you remember where everything is easier
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