Hey all, just got my VCI-100 (not SE) today and I am very excited. Not having the 1.3 firmware put a huge damper on things though.

A handful of the functions of Ean's GREAT mapping don't work. Hence, I am embarking on a mission to create a great mapping for Traktor 3.4 for firmware 1.2 for two reasons:
1) Firmware upgrade hardware is sold out
2) Some people can't afford or don't have the technical expertise to perform the upgrade.

Since I will just be trying to remap the buttons that don't work, the task seems simple. The buttons that work improperly or not at all are:

- "Filter" buttons marked 'cue' on the standard VCI-100
- Hi/Low-pass filter knobs (bottom knob in the EQ column)
- Speed Knobs in the effects parameter section
- Effects selection bank labeled 'effects parameter' (4 buttons, designed to choose Reverb, Echo, B-Mash, Flange in the SE mod)
- In Fader FX mode, the volume slider is not mapped to anything.
- Two buttons in the top left 'loop' area appear to be unmapped. I will choose functions for these two.

My ambition is to map these things to their original functions, except where not possible because that function was enabled by firmware 1.3.

My question is this:
First, is anyone aware of something like what I describe, to save me the work?

OK... failing that, I will do it! Can someone point me to a basic guide for MIDI mapping VCI-100 in Traktor 3.4? Is there a better way than the Traktor MIDI Preferences box (it's very small...)?

In firmware 1.2, Is it possible to assign the 'effect parameter' buttons to the functions in Ean's setup (setting the effect for Deck A/B to Reverb or Echo, depending on which FX bank is selected)? How is this done?

Also, how do you get the Filter 'cue' button to turn on the filter without having HP filter or LP filter chosen as your effect?

I realize these are big questions, so I would be very grateful if you could show me the basic tools I need to solve them.

Note: I realize that the Hi/Low freq dial will not be possible without 1.3... I will try to map it to just a Hi freq filter.

VCI-100 1.2 firmware, Windows XP SP3, Traktor 3.4

Thanks in advance for any responses, any help at all is truly appreciated!