NI Traktor Hero.... the Game
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    Default NI Traktor Hero.... the Game

    Traktor the Game [TRAKKEN HERO]

    boring sunday, we decided to turn(try) Traktor Pro in a MultiplayerGameConsole (yea stupid).

    No Idea if this will work someday, but perhaps it became the new Sunday-Project.
    To keep it as simple as possible, we used programs we already own, and convert the PS3Controller Output NOT to midi, just Keystrokes (with GamePad Companion)
    Midi would be cool, but the Miditar won't work with usual PS3-Controller.

    NEEDET (this is for MAC-Version)
    • - 1 Mac (Bluetooth or USB-Cable)
    • - 1/2/4 PS3-Controller (Xbox-360 should also work)
    • - Traktor Pro
    • - GamePad Companion (Free Trial)
    • - MidiSequencer to automate Traktor (*optional, used in BATTLE Mode)

    Driver/Programm/App's we used, at the end of the post (just MAC)

    The Idea
    Making a Multiplayer-Game with Traktor Pro (2/4Player)
    planned are two different GameMode's
    1.) COOP
    2.) BATTLE (for this you need a MidiSequencer)

    The COOP is simple,
    every "Player" controls his own Deck (4 Player)
    every "Player" controls his own 2 Decks (2 Player) (Track/Samples)

    BATTLE-Mode (just 2 Player/ or 2 against 2)
    Every Player(Group) got his "Time-Window". After (per Example) 32 Bars(128Beats) the CrossFader "changes" to the other Player(Group) within 4/8 Bars, and this repeats 2/3 times, until Traktor stops automatic.

    (if you don't use a MidiSequencer, a third player could control the Crossfader)

    What we did
    • - Configure 360DrumSequencer to set up and automate Traktor (works)
    • - Set Keystrokes for PS3-Controller (just for one,but we stuck)

    thats how it is at the moment (not much)

    • Just ProgramSwitch (CMD+TAB) for switching between two Programs,
    • Space(need for start App 360DrumSequencer),
    • MouseScroll (when the mousepointer is on a knob or fader, you can switch it)
    • RESET ALL (Set all Modifier of Controller to 0)

    the idea would be like the midifighter making combos
    per example X; X; R1+X
    R1; L1; X; O
    or X; X; R1; O; X; ☐; ▲; R1+X

    the rest is under discussion.
    we need help

    Now if you continue to read, you must know the PS3-Controller (if i say R1; L3; O; X….) and the MAC-Keyboard

    First i want using ALT & Shift
    L1 => ALT
    R1 => SHIFT
    then you got "auto-modifiers", but this won't work in MultiplayerMode (except for the master controller .

    So every Button needs a separate Keystroke (every of the 4 Controller)
    4Controller = (16Buttons 2"Knobs") => 64Buttons 8 "Knobs" sounds like a lot of work

    L1, L2, R1, R2 could be good for effects&modifiers, also the left knob R3.
    Cause it should work for 4 Players(ok i'm also happy if it works for 2), i think best way would be 1 dedicated Modifier per Controller, and 4GlobalModifier. But this is just in pre-theory
    I search for a simple concept that makes fun to play ehhhh i mean game

    we need some good inputs for finish this, every idea/concept is welcome (how make this as simple as possible)
    Combo-Buttons/ Beatmasher etc etc..
    (we know this is absolutely stupid, but it's sunday, wanna play TRAKTOR HERO)

    I don't figured out how many Keystrokes could be sent at once, but i got no alert-beep, no mather how many keys i press at once. But i don't know how Traktor handles Keyboards & Modifiers (and its stupid cause you don't see in ControllerManager how the modifier state's change value.
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    Jesus, if I had the time i'd help out but this shits crazy!!! Can't wait to see the finished project!

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    Theres a thread and a youtube video about some mate that mapped Traktor to an Xbox360 controller and it looked quite awesome. If the layout is right for another Coop mode you can put 1 player on decks, the other on the FX.
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    Default Please keep up, the idea of this is awesome :D

    Heh the title says it all...

    I bet you could map it like a midi fighter, as in use the exact midi fighter and try to map the controls to something that makes sense based on those control, like an effect using the up on the joystick plus something else does a combo or something...

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    you could use one controller for a single deck, that way 2 guys could do crazy mashups, fx controlled via softstep footswitch .
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    I'm following this one!

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    Fucking STONERS!!

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