Is it worth it to go with B stock?
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    Default Is it worth it to go with B stock?

    hey guys,
    alright.. this is only a hobby of mine.. nothing serious.. not doing it professionally at all.. wouldn't even want anyone to even see me mixing.. let alone listen... so i don't think it is worth it for me to spill 500 bucks on a toy.

    i see these b stock vci 100 online.. and i was wondering is it worth saving that 100 or 200 bucks with these? or will i receive a bag of legos that used to be a vci.. i wouldnt mind getting a used one either.. been lookin at ebay for 2 months now.. seems i missed my chance before xmas when there was 3 or 4 on there.. thought kids would put em up after getting some cooler stuff over the holidays.. but haha.. theres been 1 since and i let go of the bid when it reached same price as buy it now..

    ( i used the search tool to find something about this.. with no luck..)


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    look on craigslist you have a better chances of getting it cheaper and you get to see the vci in person...btw the vci is not a toy j/k
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    I second that. VCI-100s are built like tanks. When you purchase B-Stock, you're either purchasing a product that's demoed or refurbished. That may mean that these ones have problems from the get go.

    If you get it off craigslist, you may be purchasing a vci-100 that's just been used a little but works perfectly fine. Not only that, you can haggle for a lower price.

    I got mine off craigslist and it was pretty much brand new. I also saved over $300 on it.

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    I got my VCI as B-stock, and aside from one of the screws loosening out once for no reason whatsoever (either that or my roommates did something to it), I've had not problems with it.

    I like to think that if they demo'd it they could proably find any problems with it during the demo, and if they refurbished it, they probably double checked everything before sending it out again.

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