Midifighter broken - Contact info?
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    Exclamation Midifighter broken - Contact info?

    I am having the same problem that another user had in this thread


    To summarize


    Those buttons don't work properly
    x = doesn't work
    W= makes whole row/bottom light up

    The other thread that I read, the guy said that his unit was determined to be broken, and he was helped by Mike from DJTT. I have been looking around the forum and DJTT site trying to find contact info, but I haven't found it quickly. I could take the time and really search for it, but as I am sure that some other people have already been in contact with them for various problems, so could anyone kindly send me that info, or tell me where I could find it in the future?

    It would be a great help, because I love the midifighter, I just want one that works =)

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    Just send an email at orders@djtechtools.com. They normaly answer your mails within a day.
    You can find the contact infos at the end of the "about" page (link in the header).

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    Yeah I found it like 5 minutes after I posted that
    Thanks though!

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    Default Midifighter broken - Contact info?

    Quote Originally Posted by SEVEER//BRNS View Post
    Yeah I found it like 5 minutes after I posted that
    Thanks though!
    To get in touch with their customer support for assistance or information on repairs, please visit the official website of the Midifighter manufacturer or check the documentation that came with the product for contact details. They should be able to help you with any issues you're experiencing.

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